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Aculight Laser Therapy

Bio-Energetic Balance or (LLLT)-Low Light Laser Therapy offers a holistic healing approach to many of life’s difficult & chronic conditions. The initial BioScan evaluation is a fusion of the Chinese traditional model of acupuncture & wellness, with modern biofeedback technology. Illness appears as an energetic imbalance long before it manifests itself physically. This imbalance at any level of being physical emotional or spiritual will compromise the quality of one’s health.

Although “energetic or muscle” testing is not new, the Bioscan technology is so advanced it can measure even the subtlest of changes in the body as well as pin-point energetic blocks.

These may include stress responses to toxins, such as pesticides & chemicals, or issues surrounding defenses to viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites or perhaps demands for further support of vitamins or minerals. With this information Caroline maps the stress blueprint of the body and customizes a treatment protocol to bring the body back into balance.

Concerns that can be supported and addressed are, but not limited to:

  • Digestion issues (constipation, heartburn, stomach aches, colitis, IBS)
  • Respiratory (sinus, post-nasal drip, cough, asthma,)
  • Skin (acne, and rashes, warts, and athlete’s feet)
  • Pain (headaches, migraines, back, joints, arthritis, injury and trauma)
  • Emotional issues (anxiety, depression, grief, mood swings)
  • Weight issues, environmental & food allergies/sensitivities, energy & vitality

This non-invasive, pain-free and effective treatment can resolve in most cases the allergic responses to thousands of potential factors in minutes. Symptoms triggered by food, chemicals, animals, environment or seasonal are dramatically improved without the use of shots, needles and drugs.

This LLLT (cold laser) treatments stimulates nerves that correspond to the major organ systems and acts to “desensitize” removing all negative association with the substance or allergen, resetting the emotional link between memory and the trigger. Through this protocol, the body can be retrained to react appropriately to normally harmless substances which may reduce the allergic/sensitivity response significantly and in many cases, eliminate them completely.

For further information and details on Bio-energetic Laser Therapy-please contact Caroline Nielsen, at 617.962.8712 or



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