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If you search for Reiki Massge Wenham MA you will find Insideout Health & Wellness a local alternative day spa that offers reiki massage therapy.

Using the Japanese art of compassionate touch, Reiki is an excellent treatment for alleviating stress and recovering from illness. Its history stems back to 19th-century Japan and it has since gathered popularity throughout America. If you’re considering Reiki massage in Wenham, MA, visit our team at Insideout Health & Wellness. With a firm commitment to maintaining your wellbeing, we’ll use Reiki massage to help you return to peak physical and mental wellness.

How does Reiki massage work?

Reiki is a natural technique that involves the practitioner using their hands to accelerate your body’s healing processes. Rather than trying to directly motivate healing, it addresses some of the energy blocks that could slow down your recovery, thus allowing your body to move forward with healing.

Many people choose to use Reiki massage in Wenham, MA when they’re overcoming a difficult period. For example, grief, job stresses, and other adverse life events can worsen a person’s health. Reiki involves the use of light touch to balance the energy channels surrounding your body. When your practitioner promotes a better sense of balance, problems such as grief and anxiety should become less apparent.

Is a Reiki massage Wenham MA similar to a standard massage?

When you choose a Reiki massage Wenham MA you won’t experience the same deep movements that come with a typical massage. Instead, your practitioner will place their hands gently and lightly across your body. While doing this, they’ll use between 12 and 20 prescribed movements.

Through the use of each movement, your Reiki massage therapist will balance your Chi. When your Chi becomes more balanced you’ll enjoy a greater sense of relaxation. As you become more relaxed, you’re less likely to produce the stress hormones that slow down healing. At Insideout Health & Wellness, we recommend committing to several Reiki sessions to see the full benefits.

Who could benefit from Reiki massage?

Reiki massage is a minimally invasive treatment. This means the person doing it doesn’t have to insert anything into your body. Additionally, you won’t need to adopt unusual positions or poses for it to work. Because of this, it’s possible to argue that Reiki massage is suitable for almost anybody. However, it’s always best to chat with a member of our team before deciding if it’s the right treatment for you.

To make an appointment or to learn more about our Reiki Massage Therapy at our Wenham MA wellness center, call (978) 468 4294.

Reiki Massage
Reiki Massage

I recently went through a rough patch and was having a very difficult time coping. On a trip to the grocery store I took a detour to Insideout Health & Wellness. I was hoping to get a massage. What I got was exactly what I needed--feeling frazed and out of control to calm, refreshed and centered. Alisha is a very gifted woman and has a rare ability to tune in to what is needed. Alisha is one of the warmest, kindest, most compassionate and present therapists I have seen for reiki. What was an unplanned visit became a series of visits that really lifted me our of a bad reaction to circumstances. Alisha will be my go to person for energy work!



I have been so thrilled with every service I have had at Insideout!!! From the massages to my polarity treatments I feel refreshed and energized!!

Great massage Erin was nice and pressure was just right!

Love this place, I’ve been going for years and have enjoyed every service I have received.

Always feel better after seeing any of the players! Each know and identify the areas needing attention. Highly recommend any of them as they are all true professionals and are each understand your needs.
I visited twice and both masseuse were 20. Both were professional, experienced and answered all of my questions. I will definitely be back and have already made several referrals. Jim
Michelle Mead at Inside Out Health & Wellness is highly recommended.
Great experience all around – clean, caring and professional. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment ASAP.
Excellent massage with Joyce. I have had massages all over the world and Joyce is the best!
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