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The health of the community is foremost in our minds during this unusual time. Centers for Disease Control states that social distancing is a very important measure in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Accordingly, with the best interests of clients and staff in mind, we are closed tentatively until June 15th, 2020.

Customer Reviews

Rejuvenate, Recompose, and Renew

I have tried numerous massage therapists on the North Shore but finally found a home at Inside Out. The key for me is getting a deep, penetrating massage that gets all the kinks & knots out without leaving me sore the next day. The therapists at this place seem to have “the touch”. Too many other places just give a soft massage that feels OK but doesn’t really do your body much good. I also have found it convenient to schedule an appointment here. I always get the day I want and usually get the specific desired time, which is very important since I am a one-man business and need to operate on a tight schedule. I also appreciate the fact that it is a very laid-back place which always makes me feel comfortable. The therapists are all very personable as well as professional. Overall, I’m very happy to have found such a great place in my own back yard. I would recommend Inside Out to anyone looking for good bodywork in a comfortable setting for a reasonable price.

I highly recommend this place.

I’ve been going to Inside Out for several years and have never been disappointed. Vicky is an extraordinary massage therapist who really cares about her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and has magical hands. An hour on her table is the perfect remedy for a tired body full of knots from the stress of daily life. Don’t miss out on this treat for yourself or someone you love.

I just started going to Inside Out a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend for prenatal massage and this is as good as it gets. Vicky is very experienced and she may be small but her hands are strong and she has a magic touch. I’ve since made 3 more appts and wish I knew about her early on in my pregnancy. I highly recommend any pregnant moms to on the North shore to try Inside out for your prenatal massage. I look forward to trying other services after the birth!

Best place!!!!! I can not say enough about their services! I have had many massages from many different places but Inside Out Health and Wellness is by far the best! The women there are all fantastic, respect your privacy and are the best at what they do! If you want to have an hour to yourself and totally relax or if you need to have some things addressed to feel better, this is the place to go! Their prices are very good too!

InsideOut is a wonderful place where I receive massage that is sensitive to my pain from fibromyalgia. Vicki is in tune with my needs and helps my body to relax and de-stress. I highly recommend her service to all.

I had a great deep tissue massage from Vikki. Was sensitive to areas of pain, and was very caring. Will be going back soon.

I have been to Insideout Health and Wellness many, many times for my troublesome back problem and Victoria always helped me. She is a caring, knowledgeable, skilled massage therapist who amazingly surpasses other therapists I’ve seen in the past. Having a massage by Victoria is totally unlike what you receive in a ‘salon’. Her methods have been honed over her years of experience and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional massage. Insideout is an all-around wonderful health center that offers many services. Every practitioner is professional and sensitive to the client’s needs. A gem, tucked away in Wenham.

My wife and I have been customers for a few years now, I highly recommend giving them a chance to show you what they can do. We use Inside Out for the massages, facials, and accupuntcture

Love this place! The people are nice and incredibly skilled. Vicki has magic hands stronger than one could ever imagine on such a diminutive person. Her massages are like a week’s vacation in the tropics!

I just started going to Inside Out a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend for prenatal massage and this is as good as it gets. Vicky is very experienced and she may be small but her hands are strong and she has a magic touch. I’ve since made 3 more appts and wish I knew about her early on in my pregnancy. I highly recommend any pregnant moms to on the North shore to try Inside out for your prenatal massage. I look forward to trying other services after the birth!

If you are looking to change your eating habits and feel better about what you are putting in your body, I recommend this program for you. Caroline helped me understand my body and what I need to fuel it. Not only did I begin to eat healthier but I learned what I should and shouldn’t eat based on my body type. I tried new exercise techniques and discovered new hobbies. While this program is only a 12 week program, the knowledge you receive throughout your sessions lasts forever and Caroline is with you every step of the way and beyond if needed. – K. Reddington

This place is terrific. I have used several of the massage therapists and they all were very good. The atmosphere is totally relaxing and the premises are very neat and clean. Prices are reasonable. I have tried other massage therapists in the area and have had the most success here. Everybody is laid-back but very professional. There are several options of massage technique available so you can always change it up a little to experience something new. I have back problems but find that if I use Inside Out regularly, my back feels a lot better. Also, my chiropractor says massage therapy is a great way to loosen up my back before he adjusts me. All in all, I would highly recommend this place to anyone in the area..

I’ve had chronic muscle tension for about 8 years now, and I’ve seen many massage therapists and chiropractors. The lesson I draw from this is that the mental side to physical therapy is as important as the physical side. Especially for deep tissue massage, you need someone whom you can trust so you can “let go” since your body is in pain during the massage. I’ve been massaged by two therapists here, Vicki and Joyce, and both of them are excellent. They are very skilled; but more than that they are warm and genuinely caring. These factors helped me to really depend on them for the healing of my body. Again, you can’t exaggerate the mental factors in doing physical therapy.

Caroline Nielson is an amazing healer! She is a warm, welcoming guide who comes from a place of great love and wisdom. She introduced me to polarity therapy and it has completely changed my life. Being on her table is the most precious vacation time there is. She brings me down off of adrenal mode and into the beauty of my being…and into that moment. It greatly eases my tension and mind. It’s a realization I never dreamed I could achieve before. Everyone should try this! -R. Murphy

Inside Out is a hidden gem on the north shore. I was lucky enough to find it when I saw their sign and I called to find out more, I am happy I did. After several massages and then accupuncture treatments I have eliminated years of stress and knots in my shoulders that caused chronic and significant pain. A job well done and anyone who needs stress relief, this is the place for you

Fabulous! I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have already rebooked for the same services, if I feel this good after one visit I can’t imagine how good I will feel after completing a series

Caroline has been instrumental in helping my 8 -yr old daughter recover from chronic lyme. When symptoms such as stomach aches, anxiety, insomnia and body pains would flare up, Caroline’s use of low light laser therapy and other techniques would have a dramatic effect on my daughter’s well-being. It was nothing short of amazing to see the direct impact of Caroline’s healing touch after each session. My daughter looked forward to every visit since she enjoyed Caroline’s friendly manner and knew she would feel better after a visit to her cozy office. I don’t understand exactly why the therapy works so well for my daughter but I saw the results first hand and I am forever grateful to Caroline for helping her during a difficult time when “modern medicine” could not. -C Lawton

They are by far the best at what they do! I won’t go any where else. Make an appointment, you will see how wonderful they all are and you will be back for more!

I have been so thrilled with every service I have had at Insideout!!! From the massages to my polarity treatments I feel refreshed and energized!!

Great massage Erin was nice and pressure was just right!

Love this place, I’ve been going for years and have enjoyed every service I have received.

Always feel better after seeing any of the players! Each know and identify the areas needing attention. Highly recommend any of them as they are all true professionals and are each understand your needs.
I visited twice and both masseuse were 20. Both were professional, experienced and answered all of my questions. I will definitely be back and have already made several referrals. Jim
Michelle Mead at Inside Out Health & Wellness is highly recommended.
Great experience all around – clean, caring and professional. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment ASAP.
Excellent massage with Joyce. I have had massages all over the world and Joyce is the best!
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